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Plasmodium infection increases CCR5+ memory CD4+ T cell populations, which SIV infection rapidly eliminates.

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posted on 2009-09-23, 00:50 authored by Jeffrey W. Koehler, Michael Bolton, Amanda Rollins, Kirsten Snook, Eileen deHaro, Elizabeth Henson, Linda Rogers, Louis N. Martin, Donald J. Krogstad, Mark A. James, Janet Rice, Billie Davison, Ronald S. Veazey, Ramesh Prabhu, Angela M. Amedee, Robert F. Garry, Frank B. Cogswell

Four color flow cytometry was used to determine the CCR5+ memory CD4+ T cell populations (CD3+CD8−CD45RA−). (A) Representative results are shown for animals DD82 (SIV/malaria), DJ80 (SIV-only), and DD39 (malaria-only). (B) Averaged results are depicted with individuals in each group including the grouped uninfected animal.