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Plasma FXI activity under several metabolic conditions.

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posted on 16.09.2013, 01:56 by Huma Safdar, Audrey C. A. Cleuren, Ka Lei Cheung, Frank J. Gonzalez, Hans L. Vos, Yusuke Inoue, Pieter H. Reitsma, Bart J. M. van Vlijmen

Plasma FXI activity was measured under different metabolic conditions i.e siRNA-mediated depletion of HNF4α (siHNF4α) / siNEG (control siRNA), ovariectomized mice treated with vehicle / EE for 10 days or with E2 for 5 days, mice treated with vehicle / T3 for 14 days or mice were fed with low (control) / high fat diet for 1 day. Same mice were used for plasma and liver transcript analysis. For number of animals ‘n’ see Table 1. Data are represented as percentage of reference group ± standard deviation; data were statistically analyzed using the Student’s t-test. p-values < 0.05 were regarded as statistically significant. *p < 0.05, p < 0.001 vs reference group.


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