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Phylogram showing variations in the densities of predicted loci and in the conservation of known and candidate loci among diverse bacterial genera.

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posted on 12.09.2008, 00:30 by Jonathan Livny, Hidayat Teonadi, Miron Livny, Matthew K. Waldor

The phylogram is based on the 16S RNA sequences of a representative species in each genera. Gm+ and Gm− genera are colored blue and black, respectively. BLAST analyses were performed for known and candidate loci from E. coli (Ec), V. cholerae (VcI for chromosome I, VcII for chromosome II), and B. subtilis (Bs), which are colored red, green, and blue, respectively. Filled boxes denoted that the locus was predicted based on intergenic conservation in the indicated genera. Columns shaded gray and unshaded columns show results with BLAST E set to 1 e-15 and 1e-3, respectively.


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