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Phylogeny and gene synteny of Streptomyces SecDF homologs.

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posted on 20.08.2014, 04:15 by Zhan Zhou, Yudong Li, Ning Sun, Zhihao Sun, Longxian Lv, Yufeng Wang, Libing Shen, Yong-Quan Li

(A) Phylogenetic tree based on the amino acid sequences of SecDF homologues identified by BLAST searches (see Methods) from those species with whole genome sequences available. Background colors refer to two different clades of SecDF and SecD-F. Bootsrtap support values greater than 50% are depicted in tree branches. Streptomyces branches are shown red, Actinobacteria branches are blue and Dehalobacter branches are pink. Species names are abbreviated as given in Table S2 in File S1. (B) Chromosome regions encompassing secDF gene are depicted by black lines for some species in the phylogenetic tree. The secD or secDF homologous genes are shown as red arrow in the center, and the orthologous genes between these species are depicted in the same color according to IMG database (see Methods).