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Phylogenetic tree of Lhc.

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posted on 30.04.2008, 00:58 by Alessandro Alboresi, Stefano Caffarri, Fabien Nogue, Roberto Bassi, Tomas Morosinotto

Phylogenetic tree of all Lhc proteins identified in A. thaliana (At), Populus trichocarpa (Pt), O. sativa (Os), P. patens (Pp), C. reinhardtii (Cr) and O. tauri (Ot). Sequences obtained from several algae species EST databases were also included (Acetabularia acetabulum, Aa, Mesostigma viride, Mv, Micromonas sp., Msp, Bigelowiella natans, Bn). A total of 100 sequences was analyzed. Four Li818 sequences from P. patens (Pp), C. reinhardtii (Cr) and O. tauri (Ot) were also included as an external out-group. The tree was built using three different approaches: here we show the results from the maximum likelihood approach. The bootstrap values obtained from maximum likelihood, NJD and maximum parsimony approaches respectively are shown in the tree nodes. For clarity, bootstrap values are not shown when consistency was poor and when nodes are not useful to discriminate isoforms.