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Phylogenetic position of the aphid LdcA proteins.

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posted on 26.02.2010, 00:33 by Naruo Nikoh, John P. McCutcheon, Toshiaki Kudo, Shin-ya Miyagishima, Nancy A. Moran, Atsushi Nakabachi

A total of 136 aligned amino acid sites were subjected to the analysis. A Bayesian tree is shown; the ML tree and NJ tree exhibited substantially the same topologies. On each node, support values over 50 are shown (BI/ML/NJ). Asterisks (*) indicate support values lower than 50. Taxonomic positions (bacterial taxonomy unless otherwise stated) are shown in brackets.α, γ, and δ indicate proteobacterial classes. The A. pisum-Rickettsiales cluster is shown in red. Accessions of the sequences are shown in parentheses. Scale bar indicates substitutions per site.


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