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Phylogenetic analysis of 1Dx genes.

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posted on 30.09.2013, 02:37 by Zhenying Dong, Yushuang Yang, Yiwen Li, Kunpu Zhang, Haijuan Lou, Xueli An, Lingli Dong, Yong Qiang Gu, Olin D. Anderson, Xin Liu, Huanju Qin, Daowen Wang

The tree shown was constructed using the multiple alignment of nucleotide sequences, and the neighbor joining program. Three distinctive clades (C1 to C3) and six major branches (B1 to B6) were observed. Highly similar trees were obtained with multiple alignment of deduced protein sequences, and an alternative tree building programs (i.e., minimum evolution). The 1Dx5-like and 1Dx2-like genes are shown in bold and underlined, respectively. 1Ax1 from common wheat Glu-A1 locus was used as an outgroup control. Bootstrap values were obtained with 1000 permutations. The GenBank accession numbers for 1Dx5, 1Dx2 and 1Ax1 are X12928, X03346 and X61009, respectively.


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