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Photosynthesis and respiration rates for S. pistillata from 60 m.

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posted on 2014-01-15, 03:22 authored by Orit Nir, David F. Gruber, Eli Shemesh, Eliezra Glasser, Dan Tchernov

Chl a fluorescence yield (a) and O2 production/consumption (b, c), plotted to light intensity (FI curve and PI curve, respectfully) for S. pistillata from 60 m. October and September represent bleached and partially bleached colonies, March and May are not bleached. A shallow corals plot is added for comparison. n = 5 fragments from different colonies per each line. Legend for the three plots is in Figure 4(b). Bars represent standard deviation. (b) O2 production/consumption plotted to light intensity (PI curve). Red rectangle includes PFD that is ecologically relevant for 60 m colonies and is enlarged in Fig. 4(c). (C) An enlargement of the low PFD area in the PI curve, relevant for 60 m. For better appreciation of the results, only selected fragments are presented.