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Phospholipid synthesis is activated in membranes from MDA-MB231 and MCF7 cells containing Fra-1 or c-Fos.

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posted on 19.02.2013 by Ruben D. Motrich, Gonzalo M. Castro, Beatriz L. Caputto

MDA-MB231 (A) and MCF7 (B) cells were used to prepare total homogenate (TH), microsomal fraction (MF) and the 1M KCl-stripped microsomal fraction (MF+1M KCl), as indicated under Figure 2. These fractions and the stripped MF plus 1.5 ng of recombinant Fra-1 or 1 ng of c-Fos/µg of TH were assayed for phospholipid synthesis capacity. Results are the mean cpm incorporated into phospholipids/mg protein ± SD of 3 experiments performed in triplicate. *: p<0.01.