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Phenotype of the transgenic plants that harbor the full length infectious TMV cDNA, under 35S promoter.

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posted on 22.09.2014 by Balaji Jada, Arto J. Soitamo, Shahid Aslam Siddiqui, Gayatri Murukesan, Eva-Mari Aro, Tapio Salakoski, Kirsi Lehto

(A) BRB-TMV transgenic plant (on the left), at the age of six weeks after germination. The plants show no viral symptoms, and do not contain any detectable viral RNA or CP, but they are severely stunted as compared to the wild type plants of the same age. (B), Anti-TMV CP labeled thin sections of the apical domain of the TMV transgenic plant during the early stage of the resistance break (at 8 weeks after germination). Isolated TMV-positive foci are detected in the vascular tissue, and in the tips of leaf initials. On the left, two adjacent sections are shown to illustrate the small size of the foci.