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Pharmacological inhibitors of IP3 receptors abrogate high [K+]e-induced Ca2+ transients in Ca2+-free bath solution.

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posted on 09.02.2016, 09:22 by Hong-Li Sun, Wen-Chin Tsai, Bai-Yan Li, Wen Tao, Peng-Sheng Chen, Michael Rubart

A: Representative time courses of changes in cytosolic ΔF/F0 in response to two consecutive 30-s exposures to 80 mM [K+]e in 2 mM [Ca2+]e (left panels) and in Ca2+-free bath solution (with 200 μM EGTA added; right panels) following 20-min incubation with 20 μM 2-APB or 10 μM xestospongin C. B: Percentage of neurons exhibiting [Ca2+]i transients both in 2 mM and 0 mM [Ca2+]e; * P < 0.001 versus control by Fisher’s Exact test (60, 6 and 16 cells for control, 2-APB and xestospongin C, respectively).