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Persistent pseudohypoxia results in a gradual decrease of Ambra1 and Beclin 1 protein levels.

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posted on 2015-06-18, 04:29 authored by Somayeh Pourpirali, Cristina Valacca, Paola Merlo, Salvatore Rizza, Silvia D’Amico, Francesco Cecconi

HeLa cells were treated with 500 μM CoCl2 and Ambra1 and Beclin 1 protein were detected at 0, 2, 6, 8, 10, 15, 18, and 24 hr after treatment. The graph shows the densitometric quantification of Ambra1 (A) and Beclin 1 (B) related to Actin. Values are mean ± SD of three independent experiments relative to control. *: P-value < 0.05 is considered statistically significant.