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Peroxisomal profiles in the wild type and the MoPEX11 mutants.

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posted on 28.07.2015, 03:32 authored by Jiaoyu Wang, Ling Li, Zhen Zhang, Haiping Qiu, Dongmei Li, Yuan Fang, Hua Jiang, Rong Yao Chai, Xueqin Mao, Yanli Wang, Guochang Sun

(A) CLSM analysis of peroxisomes visualized with GFP-PTS1 in the wild type Guy11, KO11A, KO11B and KO11C. Bar = 5 μm. The sizes (B) and numbers (C) of the peroxisomes in the cells of the strains were statistically compared. Standard deviations are indicated by the error bars. For each strain, more than 100 cells were counted. Asterisks indicate significant differences at p = 0.05. (D) TEM analysis of the Peroxisomes (indicated by arrow heads) in Guy11 and KO11A.