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Peritoneal memory CD4+ T cells produce more cytokines than Sp derived cells.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 16:38 authored by Beata M. Zygmunt, Lothar Groebe, Carlos A. Guzman

CXCR3+ CD62Llow CD44high, CXCR3 CD62Llow CD44high and CXCR3 CD62Lhigh CD44low CD4+ T cells were sorted from Sp or PerC of C57BL/6 naïve (specific pathogen free) mice. Then, cells were re-stimulated with ionomycin and PMA and the expression of (A) IFNγ, (B) IL-4 and (C) IL-17 was measured by ELISA. Similar results were obtained in 2 independent experiments.


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