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Performance on the Novel Object Recognition test. A.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 23:14 authored by Craig P. Motbey, Emily Karanges, Kong M. Li, Shane Wilkinson, Adam R. Winstock, John Ramsay, Callum Hicks, Michael D. Kendig, Naomi Wyatt, Paul D. Callaghan, Iain S. McGregor

Percentage of total investigation time spent investigating the novel object (dotted line represents chance performance). B. Time spent inspecting familiar and novel objects. Test was conducted 35 days after the conclusion of dosing and 15 min after a 3 min training exposure. See text for further details. Error bars represent + S.E.M.; ** represents significant difference from VEH (Dunnett’s test, P<0.01). VEH = saline 1 ml/kg I.P., MMC7.5 = 7.5 mg/kg mephedrone I.P., MMC15 = 15 mg/kg mephedrone I.P., MMC30 = 30 mg/kg mephedrone I.P.