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Performance of external signatures in training and validation sets.

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posted on 24.06.2013 by Nicholas Erho, Anamaria Crisan, Ismael A. Vergara, Anirban P. Mitra, Mercedeh Ghadessi, Christine Buerki, Eric J. Bergstralh, Thomas Kollmeyer, Stephanie Fink, Zaid Haddad, Benedikt Zimmermann, Thomas Sierocinski, Karla V. Ballman, Timothy J. Triche, Peter C. Black, R. Jeffrey Karnes, George Klee, Elai Davicioni, Robert B. Jenkins

For each signature, the institution associated to it, year of publication, lead author, the AUC obtained in the training and validation sets, as well as the 95% Confidence Interval for this metric is shown.