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Performance in the superordinate categorization task (black curves and black or gray histograms) and in the categorization task at the basic level (dogs) with non-targets including 0%, 50% or 100% other animals (dark, middle and light blue curves and histograms).

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posted on 21.02.2013, 05:39 by Marc J.-M. Macé, Olivier R. Joubert, Jean-Luc Nespoulous, Michèle Fabre-Thorpe

Left: global mean accuracy and standard deviation on the mean expressed in % correct, Global mean reaction times and standard deviation on the mean expressed in ms. Right bottom: histogram of reaction times computed for each experimental condition by subtracting false alarms from correct go-responses in each 10 ms time bin. Right left: vincentization of individual results separately in the superordinate level task (black curves) and the basic level task (blue curves). Right insert: vincentization of individual results (cumulative responses, 5% quantiles) in each of the experimental conditions. Note that for the two conditions: superordinate animal categorization task and Dog basic level task with no other animal non-target, curves are totally superimposed.


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