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Perception gains during lateral oscillations at 0.15, 0.3, and 0.6 Hz before and after spaceflight.

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posted on 29.10.2014, 03:01 by Gilles Clément, Scott J. Wood

A. The reported magnitude of self-displacement sideways was divided by the actual magnitude of the translation stage (translation was actually ±11.4, ±9.7, and ±6.1 cm at 0.15, 0.3, and 0.16 Hz, respectively). B. The reported angle of roll tilt was divided by the tilt of the GIA when the translation stage reached maximum eccentricity (GIA tilt was theoretically ±10° at each frequency). Dashed lines correspond to a gain of unity. Mean ± SE of 10 subjects. *p<0.05 relative to the last pre-flight session.