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Percentage of fixation of lineage formed by error-prone self-replicative sequences against lineage formed by a sequence with a null mutation rate (i.e. ) for different population sizes .

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posted on 23.12.2013 by Arturo Marín, Héctor Tejero, Juan Carlos Nuño, Francisco Montero

of the initial population is formed by genotypes of lineage and the rest of genotypes . The amplification factors are: for and , and for . The mutation rate of the sequences of , , ranges from to . Concretely, the -values used are: and . The population sizes that correspond to each curve are: (blue line), (green) and (red). The right vertical axis represents the deterministic molar fraction. The violet curve represents the equilibrium molar fraction obtained by numerical integration of the ODE system for values of at constant steps of . Note that in the deterministic limit of infinite population an abrupt transition occurs at a mutation rate of . As it can be seen, this transition occurs gradually for finite size populations.