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Percentage (mean ± SE) of larvae that died in each salt treatment.

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posted on 2014-04-18, 09:56 authored by Gareth R. Hopkins, Edmund D. Brodie Jr., Susannah S. French

(A) NaCl, (B) MgCl2. Only 1 out of 778 larvae in Control died, and thus only results for mortality in salt treatments are shown. Direct comparisons are made between the mortality of larvae reared as embryos in salt (open squares) or control (closed circles). Asterisks indicate significant differences (Tukey-adjusted multiple comparisons) between the percentages of larvae died in each of these treatments (i.e., for the larval treatment Medium NaCl, significantly more larvae died when reared as eggs in that salt, than did larvae reared as eggs in control). “ns”  =  no significant difference between treatments.