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Pb-LIII XAFS and derived spectra of model compounds and representative PM and soil.

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posted on 2009-04-02, 00:44 authored by Nicholas E. Pingitore Jr., Juan W. Clague, Maria A. Amaya, Beata Maciejewska, Jesús J. Reynoso

(A) XAFS spectra. Spectra are background-subtracted, normalized, k2-weighted, and plotted in k-space. (B) Derivatives of Pb-LIII XANES spectra of model compounds. Derivatives were taken of spectra that had been background-subtracted, normalized, and k2-weighted. (C) Radial distribution functions (RDF) derived from Fourier transforms of Pb-LIII XAFS spectra of model compounds. Distances are not corrected for phase shift during photo-electron backscattering. Aqueous Pb spectra adapted from Bargar [30].