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Pathological changes (a,c) and immunohistochemical detection of viral antigen.

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posted on 05.02.2010, 01:21 authored by Sharon M. Brookes, Alejandro Núñez, Bhudipa Choudhury, Mikhail Matrosovich, Stephen C. Essen, Derek Clifford, Marek J. Slomka, Gaëlle Kuntz-Simon, Fanny Garcon, Bethany Nash, Amanda Hanna, Peter M. H. Heegaard, Stéphane Quéguiner, Chiara Chiapponi, Michel Bublot, Jaime Maldonado Garcia, Rebecca Gardner, Emanuela Foni, Willie Loeffen, Lars Larsen, Kristien Van Reeth, Jill Banks, Richard M. Irvine, Ian H. Brown

a. Lung. In-contact animal (TC4), 11 dpc. Multiple dark red areas of cranioventral pulmonary consolidation in the cranial and middle lung lobes. b. Nasal mucosa, 2 dpi. Influenza A nucleoprotein (brown) in numerous respiratory epithelial cells 20x. c. Lung, 7 dpi. Marked attenuation of bronchiolar epithelium due to epithelial cell necrosis, bronchiolar plug and peribronchiolar lymphohistiocytic infiltration. Haematoxylin and eosin 40x. d. Lung, 4 dpi. Viral nucleoprotein in abundant bronchiolar epithelial cells and cellular debris in the bronchiolar lumen and in several pulmonary alveolar macrophages 20x.