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Paternal bias is most correlated in crosses sharing the same pollen parent.

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posted on 2015-02-26, 02:54 authored by Diana Burkart-Waco, Kathie Ngo, Meric Lieberman, Luca Comai

Fraction of paternal transcript for each gene crossing a threshold of minimum mean expression in all of the four studied crosses. Most genes are significantly parentally biased in at least one cross. The linear regression lines are shown. A. Paternal bias is poorly correlated in reciprocal intraspecific crosses of A. thaliana accessions Col and C24. Genes that exceed 33% paternal bias are highlighted in black and their position can be compared in plot B, C and D. B. Higher correlation in interspecific hybrids formed by pollination of A. thaliana by the same accession of A. arenosa. C,D. Sharing the same seed parent does not increase correlation of paternal bias.