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PapMV-HA11 recombinant proteins.

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posted on 2012-02-21, 02:40 authored by Gervais Rioux, Cindy Babin, Nathalie Majeau, Denis Leclerc

The three PapMV-HA11 fusions produced have characteristics similar to those of PapMV nanoparticles. (A) The sequence of the PapMV-CP-HA11 proteins produced. (B) Bacterial lysate of the culture before induction (first lane), after induction with IPTG (second lane), and after successful purification with nickel beads, third lane, of PapMV-CP-HA11-12 (lane 1–3), 187 (lane 4–6) and C (lane7–9). (C)Transmission electron microscope images of each HA11 fusion. (D) Size of VLPs recorded by dynamic light scattering (DLS).