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Panel A: Volcano plot showing enrichment of sequences in thrombin panning versus mock panning.

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posted on 10.01.2014, 20:10 by Benjamin M. Scott, Wadim L. Matochko, Richard F. Gierczak, Varsha Bhakta, Ratmir Derda, William P. Sheffield

Panel B: Enrichment of sequences with respect to naïve library. In (A) and (B), red dots describe sequences that have been enriched by factor >2 with significance level of p>0.05 (calculated by two-tail unequal variance t-test). Panel C: Plot of sequences that have been significantly enriched over two controls. Red dots represent the top 20 sequences that show the highest level of enrichment with respect to naïve library (ca. factor of 100 or more). The pentapeptide sequence of the top 20 most enriched sequences lacking stop codons is shown in Panel D, in order of enrichment. The sequence of all significantly enriched sequences (784 in total) is shown in Table S3.