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PTS system in Hfx. volcanii.

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posted on 2010-03-19, 02:34 authored by Amber L. Hartman, Cédric Norais, Jonathan H. Badger, Stéphane Delmas, Sam Haldenby, Ramana Madupu, Jeffrey Robinson, Hoda Khouri, Qinghu Ren, Todd M. Lowe, Julie Maupin-Furlow, Mecky Pohlschroder, Charles Daniels, Friedhelm Pfeiffer, Thorsten Allers, Jonathan A. Eisen

(Top): a schematic diagram of the PTS system which is responsible for the concomitant transport and phosphorylation of sugar substrates and is highly regulatable (Bottom). The Hfx. volcanii genome contains a larger repertoire of the PTS system than previously reported in the archaea. * represents genes with homologs in the Hqr. walsbyi genome, represents genes with homologs in the Har. marismortui genome, the only other PTS genes described in archaea.