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PSTVd accumulation in the WT scion on a CoYMV:hpPSTVd-ΔTLE stock.

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posted on 2013-03-01, 15:25 authored by Atsushi Kasai, Teruo Sano, Takeo Harada

(A) Illustration of the experimental procedure. At 13 dpi, leaf disks were harvested from the most newly expanded leaf. Then, sampling was done every 3 days. Seven grafted plants per line were tested. Accumulation level of the PSTVd RNA was analyzed by dot-blot hybridization (Figure S4). (B) Levels of PSTVd accumulation in the WT scion presented in the form of a heat map. The intensity of the hybridization signals was normalized relative to the 5.8S RNA signal, and sorted out from 0 no signal to 7 maximal. (C) Changes in the accumulation levels of PSTVd. Total scores for 7 grafts in each line are represented.


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