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PPARγ∶ RXR overlap sites show higher validation rate than nonoverlapping sites.

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posted on 20.03.2009, 01:25 by Mohamed Sabry Hamza, Sebastian Pott, Vinsensius B. Vega, Jane S. Thomsen, Gopalan Srinivasan Kandhadayar, Patrick Wei Pern Ng, Kuo Ping Chiu, Sven Pettersson, Chia Lin Wei, Yijun Ruan, Edison T. Liu

ChIP Q-PCR was used for validation of binding sites. 4 populations of binding sites were chosen for validation: PPARγ monosites (no RXR sites within 200 bp), RXR monosites (no PPARγ sites within 200 bp), low confidence PPARγmoPET2∶RXR heterosites (within 200 bp) and high confidence PPARγ∶RXR heterosites (within 200 bp). High confidence PPARγ∶RXR heterosites shows, on average, higher ChIP-qPCR enrichment than PPARγ or RXR monosites and PPARγmoPET2∶RXR heterosites. Shown is the enrichment over an unspecific antibody control. Each data point represents mean value of 3 biological replicates, with error bars indicating the standard deviation.