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PI3K inhibition reduced collagen up-regulation by cystitis.

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posted on 08.12.2014 by Zhongwei Qiao, Chunmei Xia, Shanwei Shen, Frank D. Corwin, Miao Liu, Ruijuan Guan, John R. Grider, Li-Ya Qiao

Trichrome stain (A-C) showed an increased amount of extracellular matrix built-up in the urinary bladder at 8 h of cystitis (B, blue stain). LY294002 (LY) treatment reduced the level of extracellular matrix content in the urinary bladder of cystitis animals (C). Western blot (D) with a specific antibody recognizing type I collagen showed similar results that cystitis increased collagen protein expression which was attenuated by LY294002 treatment (E). Real-time PCR demonstrated that cystitis-induced type I collagen mRNA up-regulation was also inhibited by LY294002 treatment (F). n = 3. Bar n = 200 µm. *, p<0.05 vs vehicle control. #, p<0.05 vs CYP cystitis.