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PHD3 knockdown increases the migratory capacity of cells.

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posted on 2013-12-18, 03:11 authored by Trenton L. Place, Jones T. Nauseef, Maina K. Peterson, Michael D. Henry, James J. Mezhir, Frederick E. Domann

BxPC3 cells stably transduced with retrovirus containing PHD3Wt (BxPC3-Wt), Vector (BxPC3-Vec) or anti-PHD3 shRNA (BxPC3-KD) were seeded at confluence in 60 mm tissue culture dishes and allowed to adhere for 24 hours. (A) Scratches were made using a 5 ml stripette and photographed at 0 hr and 24 hr under normoxia (21% O2) or hypoxia (1% O2). Arrows highlight the directional migration of cells (B) Migration speed for each cell line was normalized to BxPC3-Vec normoxia. Data is representative of 3 independent biological replicates and 8 scratches each. Error bars  = 1 S.D. p-value represents Student's 2-tailed, type 2 t-test comparison. * samples are significantly different p<.01 than all other samples. (C) Live cells were counted using trypan blue exclusion at the indicated time points. Lines represent best fit for the data.


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