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PCR detection of agc1 gene in yeast BY4741 before and after the disruption procedure.

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posted on 2014-02-21, 04:08 authored by Zhan-Hui Zhang, Wei-Xia Lin, Mei Deng, Shu-Tao Zhao, Han-Shi Zeng, Feng-Ping Chen, Yuan-Zong Song

The primer positions were labeled onto the schematic diagrams above the electropherograms. M, 200; 1, PCR product with the primer set JMUS and JMDA; 2, PCR product with AGC1A and AGC1B. PCR amplification with the first primer set yielded a 2831 bp band before while 1789 bp after agc1 disruption. Meanwhile, PCR with the second primer set gave rise to an 852 bp band before but no product was detected after agc1 disruption.