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PCA of total occurrences of T-RFs in CF patients showing comparison among the FEV1 groups.

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posted on 2015-04-21, 03:18 authored by Patrizia Paganin, Ersilia Vita Fiscarelli, Vanessa Tuccio, Manuela Chiancianesi, Giovanni Bacci, Patrizia Morelli, Daniela Dolce, Claudia Dalmastri, Alessandra De Alessandri, Vincenzina Lucidi, Giovanni Taccetti, Alessio Mengoni, Annamaria Bevivino

Ellipse with 95% is reported. The numbers on the axes indicate the amount of variance explained by each component. The labels outside the 95% ellipse have been jittered to avoid overlaps. Black circles represent T-RFs. Are indicated those T-RFs, ouside the ellipse, that are significantly associated to the PC1 and PC2.