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PA103 assembles flagella upon expression of corrected FleQ(V240G)PA103.

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posted on 2014-05-14, 03:05 authored by Ruchi Jain, Barbara I. Kazmierczak

Western blots of surface-associated (upper panel) and total flagellin (middle panel) were prepared from bacteria grown in LB without (uninduced) or with (induced) 0.2% arabinose. Samples were normalized to total protein (as measured in the cell pellet) prior to SDS-PAGE and Western blotting. Whole cell pellets were also probed with anti-Hfq antiserum to confirm equal loading (lower panel). Lanes 1-4 are PA103 carrying (1) empty pMQ72 plasmid, (2) FleQPAO1, (3) FleQPA103 and (4) FleQ(V240G)PA103. Lane 5: PAO1 carrying an empty pMQ72 plasmid. Note difference in electrophoretic mobility between a-type flagellin of PA103 and b-type flagellin of PAO1.