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Overview of experimental set-up used to recellularize decellularized lung scaffolds with MSCs or C10 cells in static and bioreactor conditions.

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posted on 11.05.2015, 03:10 authored by Aurélie Crabbé, Yulong Liu, Shameema F. Sarker, Nicholas R. Bonenfant, Jennifer Barrila, Zachary D. Borg, James J. Lee, Daniel J. Weiss, Cheryl A. Nickerson

MSCs or C10 cells were introduced in the decellularized lung scaffolds through the cannulated trachea. Next, lungs were statically incubated for 4 days, regardless of the subsequent test condition. Culture medium for MSCs was IMDM and for C10 cells GTSF-2. Different time points were tested to assess recellularization with MSCs (3, 10, 24 days) or C10 cells (7, 10 days) in static or bioreactor conditions.