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Overlapping WM regions between controls and AD for specific DTI indices.

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posted on 19.02.2013 by Gilberto Sousa Alves, Laurence O’Dwyer, Alina Jurcoane, Viola Oertel-Knöchel, Christian Knöchel, David Prvulovic, Felipe Sudo, Carlos Eduardo Alves, Letice Valente, Denise Moreira, Fabian Fuβer, Tarik Karakaya, Johannes Pantel, Eliasz Engelhardt, Jerson Laks

Areas of overlap between low FA (red) and high MD (blue) suggest gross tissue loss and are depicted in the upper panels (A) and (B); FA decreases (red) overlapping with radial diffusivity increases (orange) are shown in the lower panels (C) and (D) and suggest areas of myelin damage.