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Overlap among differentially expressed (DE) genes in HEY cells after ectopic expression of miRNAs with different seed region sequences.

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posted on 12.12.2014 by Christopher G. Hill, Neda Jabbari, Lilya V. Matyunina, John F. McDonald

An overlap of 85% in differentially expressed genes was observed among 3 replicate experiments in which miR-429 was ectopically expressed in HEY cells (C). A single nucleotide change in the seed region of miR-429 (M12, M14) resulted is a significant reduction (56% vs 85%) in the overlap among differentially expressed genes (A, B). Differences in the position of this single nucleotide difference (M12, position 2 vs M14, position 4) did not have a significant effect on degree of overlap (A vs. B). Five nucleotide differences in the seed region of miR-429 (M5) also resulted in a significant reduction in overlap (56% vs. 85%) among differentially expressed genes (D vs. C) but not significantly different from miRNAs differing by only 1 nucleotide difference from miR-429 (D vs. A; D vs B).