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Overexpression of CLPTM1L in human lung cancer 95-D cells.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 18:05 authored by Zhenhua Ni, Kun Tao, Guo Chen, Qingge Chen, Jianmin Tang, Xuming Luo, Peihao Yin, Jihong Tang, Xiongbiao Wang

(A) The CLPTM1L mRNA level was measured using quantitative real-time PCR in pcDNA3.1(+)-CLPTM1L or pcDNA3.1(+) plasmid transfected cells. *: P<0.05 vs control group (p = 0.001). (B) The expression of CLPTM1L protein was investigated using immunocytochemistry. (C) Effects of CLPTM1L overexpression on cell proliferation in the pcDNA3.1(+)-CLPTM1L transfected cells 95-D cells relative to control 95-D cells. (D) Overexpression of CLPTM1L did not change chemosensitivity to cisplatin in human lung cancer 95-D cells transfected with pcDNA3.1(+)-CLPTM1L relative to controls. The cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of cisplatin for 24 h.


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