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Overall structure of ScRIB7 and its NADPH binary complex.

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posted on 19.04.2013 by Zongyang Lv, Jian Sun, Yingfang Liu

A, ScRIB7 homodimer. The dimer is viewed along the noncrystallographic 2-fold axis. Molecules A and B are colored in green and cyan, respectively. B, ScRIB7 monomer. Secondary structures are numbered according to the primary sequence. C, ScRIB7-NADPH binary complex. An additional helix α2′ is formed upon NADPH cofactor binding. D, Surface electrostatic distribution of the ScRIB7-NADPH binary complex. Positively charged residues are in blue, negatively charged residues are in red and neutral residues are in white. NADPH is shown as sticks: carbon (pink), oxygen (red), nitrogen (blue).