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posted on 25.03.2010, 02:11 by Giovanni Feverati, Claire Lesieur

Here we give the interface of the heptameric co-chaperonin 10 from M. tuberculosis (PDB code: 1HX5) [43]. The first line gives the PDB code and the stoichiometry of the protein oligomer. The second line indicates the total number of amino acids seen for each individual chain on the x-ray structure. Section 1 (lines 4-9) contains the pairs of interacting atoms in the interface. In section 2 (lines 10 -18), the corresponding amino acids are indicated. The pairs of atoms (or of amino acids) are shown on the same column. The atoms of the two adjacent chains A and G are given on lines 5-6 and 7-8, respectively. For each chain, the first line indicates the PDB progressive number of the atoms (lines 5 and 7 for chain A and G, respectively) and the second line indicates the type of the atom (carbon, oxygen…) and its position within the amino acid (lines 6 and 8 for chain A and G, respectively). The line 9 indicates the atomic distance (in angstroms) between each pair of atoms. The same format is used in section 2 and the information on the amino acids for the two adjacent chains A and G are given on lines 11-14 and 15-18, respectively. The progressive number of the amino acid along the sequence, is given on the line 11 followed on the next line by the type of amino acid. Lines 13 and 17 indicate the hydrophobicity of the amino acid (1 and 0 for hydrophilic and hydrophobic, respectively); lines 14 and 18 give the secondary structure of the amino acid, according to the x-ray structure.


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