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Ontology enrichment analysis for target genes of hsa-miR-328, hsa-miR-494, hsa-miR-513 and hsa-miR-638.

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posted on 13.06.2011, 01:56 by Simonetta Bandiera, Silvia Rüberg, Muriel Girard, Nicolas Cagnard, Sylvain Hanein, Dominique Chrétien, Arnold Munnich, Stanislas Lyonnet, Alexandra Henrion-Caude

The ExParser algorithm was used to compile datasets of genes whose expression patterns were comparable and statistically correlated to the expression patterns of the four mitomiRs. The datasets were uploaded into MetaCore™ and analyzed in respect to the Gene Ontology Process. Ten most significantly enriched processes for the genes targeted by hsa-miR-328, hsa-miR-494, hsa-miR-513 and hsa-miR-638 were scored and ranked in respect to the obtained p-values. Bars represent significance as −log(p-value) for hypergeometric distribution. Ontology enrichments were all filtered to allow no more than 5% false discovery rate.