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One-year old CebpaS248A/S248A mice display an erythroid lineage bias.

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posted on 2012-06-08, 02:01 authored by Marie S. Hasemann, Mikkel B. Schuster, Anne-Katrine Frank, Kim Theilgaard-Mönch, Thomas Å. Pedersen, Claus Nerlov, Bo T. Porse

(A) Flow cytometry analysis of mature populations in BMs from CebpaKI/KI (n = 6) and CebpaS248A/S248A (n = 6) mice. Analyzed populations: Erythroid cells (E = CD71+, Ter119+), granulocytes (M = Mac-1+, Gr-1+); B-cell (B = B220+) and T-cells (T = CD4+ or CD8a+). (B) Quantification of the data from (A). (C) Colony forming unit assays of BM cells from CebpaKI/KI (n = 4) and CebpaS248A/S248A (n = 5) mice (mean +/− standard deviation).