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Oikosins expressed in bands or spots.

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posted on 05.07.2012, 01:14 by Julia Hosp, Yoshimasa Sagane, Gemma Danks, Eric M. Thompson

(A) In situ hybridisation patterns for oikosins: a,b,c) oik44, d) oik45, e) oik46, f) oik47, g) oik48, h,i) oik49a, j,k) oik50, and l) oik51a. B) Oikosin expression patterns in A are indicated by corresponding coloured domains on epithelial spreads (anterior to left). C) Protein domain and modification schemas are shown for oikosins 44–51: Sp, signal peptide; N- or O-Glyc, predicted N and O glycosylation sites; PA2c, phospholipase A2 domain. In situ images are oriented with the oral cavity towards the left and were performed on day 3 animals with trunk lengths ranging from 350–400 µm in size.


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