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OCR-2 and OSM-9 contribute to the Tav response in the FLP neurons in the head and in the PHC neurons in the tail of C. elegans.

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posted on 2012-03-20, 01:37 authored by Shu Liu, Ekkehard Schulze, Ralf Baumeister

(A), (B) The head and tail Tav of osm-9 and ocr single and double mutants are shown. (C) The defective Tav response in the head of the ocr-2 osm-9 double mutant was rescued by the expression of ocr-2 and/or osm-9 full length genomic DNA as well as by expression of their respective cDNAs under the control of the mec-3 promoter. (D) The expression of either ocr-2 or osm-9 full-length genomic DNA was sufficient for at least partial rescue of the defective Tav response in the tail of the ocr-2 osm-9 double mutant. (*P<0.01; **P<0.001, n>80). Error bars indicate SD.