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Number of depressive episodes is negatively correlated with the right hippocampal gray matter volume.

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posted on 2014-07-22, 03:05 authored by Mirjam Stratmann, Carsten Konrad, Harald Kugel, Axel Krug, Sonja Schöning, Patricia Ohrmann, Christina Uhlmann, Christian Postert, Thomas Suslow, Walter Heindel, Volker Arolt, Tilo Kircher, Udo Dannlowski

A: Sagittal view (MNI x  = −6) depicting gray matter volumes correlating with number of depressive episodes. (Region-of-interest analyses, p<0.01, k = 109; Color bar represents negative correlation coefficient -r. (L: left; R: right)). B: Scatter plot depicting the negative correlation (r = −0.237; p = 0.006) of the right hippocampal cluster values (left panel) and the number of depressive episodes (SSPS Statistics 15.0 software package).