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Nucleotide word frequency plots and phylogenetic analysis of metagenome assemblies.

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posted on 2010-03-19, 02:20 authored by William P. Inskeep, Douglas B. Rusch, Zackary J. Jay, Markus J. Herrgard, Mark A. Kozubal, Toby H. Richardson, Richard E. Macur, Natsuko Hamamura, Ryan deM. Jennings, Bruce W. Fouke, Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Frank Roberto, Mark Young, Ariel Schwartz, Eric S. Boyd, Jonathan H. Badger, Eric J. Mathur, Alice C. Ortmann, Mary Bateson, Gill Geesey, Marvin Frazier

Nucleotide word frequency principal component analysis (PCA) of assembled metagenome sequence data (contigs>1500 bp) from five chemotrophic geothermal habitats in YNP: A. Metagenome sequence colored by site (Crater Hills  =  gold, Norris Geyser Basin  =  red, Joseph's Coat  =  blue, Mammoth Hot Springs  =  green, Calcite Springs  =  violet). B. Identical PCA orientation of metagenome sequence observed in Panel A, but colors now designate phylogenetic affiliation at the order level (Sulfolobales  =  gold; Desulfurococcales  =  light blue; Thermoproteales  =  dark blue; Aquificales  =  green; Thermales  =  violet; Unassigned  =  black), and C. Identical PCA orientation with phylogenetic classification at the domain-level (Archaea  =  gold, Bacteria  =  violet).