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Nuclear organization of ultrastructural heterochromatin in MEL cells during HMBA induction.

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posted on 18.04.2008, 01:16 by Alla Buzina, Mandy Y. M. Lo, Angela Moffett, Akitsu Hotta, Eden Fussner, Rikki R. Bharadwaj, Peter Pasceri, J. Victor Garcia-Martinez, David P. Bazett-Jones, James Ellis

Electron Spectroscopic Imaging (ESI) analysis of undifferentiated and three-day differentiated MEL cells. (A) The average diameter of undifferentiated MEL cells changes upon HMBA differentiation. The diameters of sectioned cells were measured as described in the methods section. (B) The change in size is correlated to a small and statistically insignificant change in peripheral heterochromatin distribution after differentiation. Low magnification phosphorus enhanced mass images of a large undifferentiated nucleus (C) and a small differentiated (E) nucleus. Higher-resolution element specific ratio maps were acquired of regions of interest indicated by white boxes. Phosphorus element specific ratio maps were pseudo-coloured yellow and overlaid onto phosphorus subtracted nitrogen maps pseudo-coloured cyan. Phosphorus containing chromatin appears yellow and protein-rich regions are blue. An example of condensed chromatin regions are indicated (CCh) in both the undifferentiated (D) and differentiated (F) cells as is a decondensed region (DCh), the nucleolus is demarked by Nu and nuclear pores with a bold arrowhead and thinly represented condensed chromatin at the envelope with a white arrow.