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Nuclear architecture and chromatin appear normal in BSF cells depleted of TbRHP.

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posted on 11.11.2011, 01:12 by Kanwal Abbasi, Kelly N. DuBois, Joel B. Dacks, Mark C. Field

(A–D) BSF parasites were induced for TbRHP RNAi for 24 hours and then fixed and processed for transmission electron microscopy. (A–D) Cells exhibited apparently normal nuclear architecture, including the double membrane nuclear envelope, nuclear matrix and nuceolus flagellar profile (A) and (B), normal spacing for the subpellicular microtubule array, and the absence of any obvious gross abnormalities. (E) some membranous structures are visible, which resemble accumulated membrane and possibly multi-vesicular bodies. These structures are rare and not seen in all cells. Bar, 1 µm. (F) Immunofluorescence analysis of histone and DNA distruibution. Anti-histone H3 antibody was used to highlight histones (green) and DAPI was used to visualize DNA (blue) in uninduced and induced cells. Representative images are shown.