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Normal Macrophage Chemotaxis to Initial Sites of ΔRD1 Infection

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posted on 2013-02-22, 09:17 authored by Hannah E Volkman, Hilary Clay, Dana Beery, Jennifer C. W Chang, David R Sherman, Lalita Ramakrishnan

Overlay of DIC and fluorescent images showing the hindbrain ventricle (hv) of infected embryos. The hindbrain ventricle/brain (hv/b) boundary indicated by a white dashed line.

(A) ΔRD1-infected embryo 4 h postinfection with individual infected macrophages marked by arrowheads.

(B) ΔRD1-infected embryo 5 h postinfection in which individual infected macrophages (arrowheads) have migrated from the hindbrain ventricle and into the brain.

(C) WT-infected embryo 24 h postinfection with macrophages beginning to aggregate (white arrow) in the hindbrain ventricle. A second out-of-focus aggregate is to the left (yellow arrow). Scale bar, 100 μm.


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