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Neurovirulence of viruses inoculated intranasally (IN) in transgenic PVR-Tg mice.

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posted on 2009-05-01, 11:36 authored by Sophie Jegouic, Marie-Line Joffret, Claire Blanchard, Franck B. Riquet, Céline Perret, Isabelle Pelletier, Florence Colbere-Garapin, Mala Rakoto-Andrianarivelo, Francis Delpeyroux

A given viral dose (106 TCID50 for neurovirulent viruses) was used to inoculate groups of PVR-Tg mice expressing the human poliovirus receptor (9 mice per virus). Animals were checked daily for paralysis and death, for 21 days post-inoculation. Healthy mice ratios following inoculation of parental or chimeric viruses or neurovirulent positive-control virus S2 4568 are shown. No symptoms were observed following the inoculation of the highest doses of cCA17 and cCA17/S2 (105 TCID50 per mouse) or cS2 and cS2/CA17 (107 TCID50 per mouse) – not shown for the last three viruses.