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Network of differentially expressed genes after EV71 inactivated vaccine inoculation.

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posted on 2013-01-23, 01:08 authored by Longding Liu, Ying Zhang, Jingjing Wang, Hongling Zhao, Li Jiang, Yanchun Che, Haijin Shi, Rongcheng Li, Zhaojun Mo, Teng Huang, Zhenglun Liang, Qunying Mao, Lichun Wang, Chenghong Dong, Yun Liao, Lei Guo, Erxia Yang, Jing Pu, Lei Yue, Zhenxin Zhou, Qihan Li

The network represents the genes and their inferred association with cell proliferation (a) and immune responses (b) that are significantly modulated. Node colors indicate fold change of gene expression in vaccinated subjects (n = 20). The value of normal control of pre-vaccinated was 1. The color scale shows the levels of gene expression from low (green, blue and purple) to high (red, pink and yellow).